Deep data on Silicon Valley

LinkSV offers a rich repository of curated information about the people, companies and capitol of Silicon Valley. That data and our search, networking and sales collaboration tools will help you and your team spend less time prospecting and more time selling.

Advanced search offers more than twenty different filters that enable you to laser into valuable information you can take action on. LinkSV reveals the web of relationships between different companies, identifies key individuals and helps you turn cold calls into "warm" ones.

The filters allow you to select multiple parameters to narrow your search to a specific group of target companies or people. You can search for companies in a particular sector which have raised between $30 million and $50 million in capital. Or you can look for all private companies with a headcount of 201-250 employees.

Our networking and sales collaboration tools enable groups to share lists of targeted companies, as well as insights and research on individual companies.

Example searches by sector:

  • Entrepreneurs looking for funding
  • Service providers prospecting for new business
  • Venture capitalists looking for potential board members.
  • Recruiters
  • Job Seekers

Company Information

When target companies are identified, LinkSV can provide detailed individual company reports as well as summary views from different perspectives.

The Company Detail report provides a complete snapshot of the company all in one place.The related company report gives you a complete listing of all partner companies (and links to each company listed), with easy toggling to a customer report (all of the company’s customers), an investor report (all the companies the target one has invested in) and an acquirer report (all those companies the target company has acquired)

The Company Summary report provides all the pertinent company information (address and contact information, management team, capital raised, outside board members, business sector and definition, related customer and partner companies) on one page, complete with links, for easy reference and printing.

The Management Team report lists all the officers and executives in one page with links to their professional biographies.

Export to Excel

Exporting to Excel allows you to add selected companies and their data to your CRM for further pursuit. In addition, Excel can be used to sort and manipulate the data further.

Get started

We know that researching companies and people can be time consuming, tedious and often incomplete. LinkSV was designed to streamline the process and maximize your selling time. Sign up now and get started!